The Right to have Serious Crimes Properly Investigated by Police Upheld by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court recently ruled that the Metropolitan Police breached the rights of two women (known as DSD and NBV) who made allegations of rape against John Worboys by failing to investigate the allegations properly. Two of the women raped by the black cab rapist in 2003 and 2007 had been fighting for justice for four years. When they initially reported the attacks, the police failed to investigate the cases properly, meaning Worboys remained at large – he went on to commit similar offences on over a hundred more women until 2009 when he was eventually arrested and charged.

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The Shifting Landscape of Sexual Offence Convictions

A recent BBC article reported that the number of sexual offences against men and has increased more than threefold in the past decade, with statistics from the Office for National Statistics showing 12,130 offences reported in England and Wales in 2016-17, compared with 3,819 in 2006-07. We are also seeing a record number of women being convicted of sex crimes, with many of the attacks are carried out on children. 142 women were found guilty of sex offences in 2016 – almost double that of 2014’s figures (74 women convicted) and more than triple the number at the start of the decade.

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Fools Rush In: Cyber Fraud Could be Reduced with Effective Risk Strategies

It's certainly not news to us that Cyber Fraud has been increasing rapidly over the last few years, however, it has been confirmed in a recent annual global fraud and risk survey conducted by Kroll's. The report shows a gradual incline since 2012, with 86% of companies worldwide reporting at least one incidence of cybercrime in 2017. This is not surprising given the sheer pace technology is advancing. With organisations racing to embrace innovations for fear of being left behind, both the organisation and individuals are left open to fraud. How businesses plan for fraud will make a difference in the long-term for the security of their business interests as well as their clients' data and assets.

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Government Crackdown on Money Laundering & Financial Crime

The UK economy’s stability the reputation of its financial institutions and global position as an international financial centre is all at risk as a result of money laundering schemes by organised crime groups. Large-scale money laundering through UK businesses is rife, and laundering in the capital market is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. The government is now making a huge push to crack down on financial crime with a number of recent new initiatives.

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Promising Future: Rights for Prisoners & Justice in Uganda (Part 2/2)

I am now a few weeks into my time in Uganda, and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable trip, enriched by the interesting people I have met and experiences I have encountered. I have learned that in Uganda I am referred to as Salongo (the father of twins). The mother of twins is Nalongo and the twins themselves are Balongo. I am beginning to develop an understanding of how the legal system works in Uganda, but there is still much to learn about the reality of the system on the ground.

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