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Need a specialist sexual offence defence lawyer in the UK? My colleague Stuart Sutton can help you - please contact him on 0808 302 5003. More information about Stuart is below:-

Stuart has an outstanding record of defending clients charged with sexual offences, with more than 90% of the clients he has defended since November 2000, having been found not guilty. The quality of the documents he has produced for the court, in particular, Defence Statements, have been commented upon by Judges and Prosecutors alike. Indeed, there have been occasions when, having produced the Defence Statement, the prosecution has offered no evidence against Stuart's client shortly afterwards.

Stuarts work ethic is based on client care. He endeavours to make himself available to clients at all times, no matter where he may be. Stuart has acted for clients who have paid privately for representation or who have the backing of Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI).

Stuart, together with his colleagues in the Serious Crime Department can assist you at all stages from an interview with the police to the Crown Court Trial. Similarly, as regards Fitness to Practise (FTP) proceedings, Stuart has represented clients before the GMC, HCPC, GOsC, GCC, NMC and others. He also advises clients (again, sometimes LEI funded) who require assistance in making representations to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, formerly ISA) when it is suggested that their name be placed on the Barring List, barring them from working with children and/or vulnerable persons.

  • Sexual offences defence specialist
  • 90%+ of clients found not guilty
  • High standards of client care
  • Available to clients at all times
  • Free initial advice

If you need a specialist sexual offence defence lawyer in the UK, contact Stuart Sutton on 0808 302 5003 today.

Examples of Stuart's recent sexual offence defence cases:-

September 2016 – R –v- Mr C (Snaresbrook)

Accused by niece of sexual wrongdoing. Acquitted unanimously by a jury.

October 2016 – R –v- Mr E (Birmingham)

Mr E gave extra-curricular teaching assistance and ran a boys club. Accused by many and various boys of sexual wrongdoing. Main Complainant’s case withdrawn before trial and after production of a Defence Statement. Mr E unanimously acquitted by a jury in relation to all other Counts.

R –v- Mr O ( Stafford)

Mr O accused of “making” indecent images of children. Defence of innocent recipient accepted by the Crown and case was withdrawn before going before a jury and following the production of a Defence Statement.

R –v- Mr K (Warwick)

Accused of sexual misfeasance with foster child. Police failed to obtain CCTV footage of Mr K’s journeys to and from work which could have proved when he was at work and when he was not and also failed to obtain information from his employer as to clocking in and out times. Unanimously acquitted by a jury.

December 2016 - R –v- Mr C (Wood Green)

Accused of sexual misfeasance by his niece. Forensic work in relation to diaries, photographs, family meetings and so on. All placed before a jury and acquitted unanimously thereafter.

R –v- Mr R (Stoke)

Mr R accused by two Complainants. One of rape (Prosecution withdrew case following Complainant giving no evidence) and one of indecent assault. Trial stopped at this stage and re-trial in relation to the sexual assault yet to be concluded.

July 2017 – R –v- Mr R (Snaresbrook)

Accused of sexual misfeasance by his former stepdaughter. Gathered lots of third-party evidence in relation to the stepdaughter’s family and background. Presented to the jury and acquitted unanimously.

January 2018 – R –v- Mr P (Manchester)

Mr P faced six Counts of making extreme images and indecent images of children. One Count dropped by the Prosecution prior to the case starting and the other five Counts were run on the basis of “innocent recipient”. Unanimously acquitted by a jury.

February 2018 - R –v- Mr R (Chester)

Accused of historical sexual misfeasance against his niece. Gathered a great deal of evidence in relation to the niece and her family to show reason why she would want to make up allegations against Mr R. Unanimously acquitted before a jury.

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