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I am part of one of the largest and most successful chambers in the country, and have been recognised for my expertise in defence. I have offices in central London, Birmingham, Leicester and Bristol, but I am always willing to travel to meet with clients, and plan the best course of action for their case. This includes meeting with clients out-of-hours, at weekends and on call.  My experience and expertise is supported by an infrastructure built over 30 years, comprising of efficient librarians, reliable clerks, specialist solicitors and other support staff. Having access to this network of experts and the technical tools to do the job, ensures I always have time for detailed preparation, and to give due attention to your case.

I offer my clients a strategic approach to fighting their cases - taking on fewer clients to offer a service with added value. The mainstay of my practice is drafting and disclosure, ensuring that clients are afforded the benefit of a coherent strategy from the outset. Frontloading casework allows me to devise a strategy for clients, ensuring maximum value and opportunity for success.  I believe in being hands-on from the very beginning of my cases and in making sure I have enough time to carry out all necessary conferences with my clients anywhere in the UK. I work very closely with my clients, putting them at the centre of decision making, assisted by a team of highly motivated, tenacious solicitors from all over the country, you can be confident in our approach to your case.

Mark Kelly, Specialist Drugs Related Crime Barrister

The penalties for drugs related offences are often severe, and it is therefore important to seek the best possible legal representation. The penalty for possession of a Class A drug, such as heroin for example, is up to a seven-year prison sentence, an unlimited fine, or both. For the more serious offences concerning the supply Class A drugs, the maximum sentence is life imprisonment, an unlimited fine, or both. For lower classifications of drugs, Class B and Class C, the penalties are less, but can still be severe.

Because I am a practicing barrister, I can represent clients in both the Crown Court and the Magistrates’ Court, meaning that I can assist clients with charges at every level in respect of drugs offences. If you take the decision to instruct me, I am in a strong position to deal with every aspect of your case, striving for the best possible result in your circumstances, and as a consequence allowing you to get on with your life.

With my knowledge and experience of this aspect of the law, I am well placed to help you, as being accused and charged with a drugs offence, such as possession and/or supply is a serious matter, which requires expert legal advice and support as soon as possible.

Related Experience and Past Cases

My experience in defending drugs related offences is considerable. There are a wide range of drugs offences which people can be charged with, and these include possession, supply, intent to supply, production, importation and what are known as occupier offences, where an individual allows their property to be used in relation to other drugs offences.Other offences include participation, attempt, incitement and conspiracy in relation to any of the above offences. Most drugs offences are set out in the UK’s primary drug legislation, the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. 

I successfully defended a client charged with supplying 230 kilograms of ecstasy, and another charged with importing huge quantities of cannabis.

In a separate case, I represented a client charged with supplying 100 kilograms of heroin with a street value in excess of £30 million, and I was able to successfully challenge the admissibility of evidence obtained under cover about the defendant, which consisted of a conversation that took place with a co-defendant whilst they were being transported in a police van.

I  also successfully defended a man charged with importing thousands of kilos of cannabis, and have significant additional experience in defending those charged with importing and supplying of drugs, which were further significant and important results for my clients.

Drugs Offences Barrister in London, UK

Serving Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Bristol and the rest of the UK, I am able to assist with all aspects of drugs-related cases, from providing detailed legal advice and guidance, to offering representation, including at Crown Court. I have had a considerable track record of success over the years in defending clients charged with drugs offences. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly on 020 8108 7186 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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"Noted for his representation of accountants and other professionals in complex fraud cases. He is adept at handling cases concerning carousel fraud, MTIC fraud and banking fraud. Strengths: 'He's analytical and indefatigable.'"

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"I believe Mr Mark Kelly to be a truly outstanding professional. I felt entirely safe in his hands at all times. The jury reached unanimous not-guilty verdicts on all three charges in less than 45 minutes. I would stress that this testimonial is not based on the outcome alone; I had already expressed my gratitude to Mr Kelly before the final trial day and would have said the same whatever the outcome."