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Anonymous - December 2020"Your professionalism, commitment, integrity and support throughout my time in court was exemplary."

"Your professionalism, commitment, integrity and support throughout my time in court was exemplary. During preparation for my trial you gave me the belief I would be able to face my time on the stand and deliver my defence with confidence. My family and I could not have asked for or expected a better defence counsel. You have been reassuring and informative to my whole family through the whole court process."

Anonymous - July 2020 - "If you are able to secure the services of No5's Counsel Mark Kelly then you can be sure that your case is in the best of hands."

"If you are able to secure the services of No5's Counsel Mark Kelly then you can be sure that your case is in the best of hands. It is no wonder that he is so well regarded: it is not just that Mark so well understands 'law' and the 'legal system' - it is his ability to see the human dimensions that makes him particularly effective. Mark will develop, and agree with you, the best of case arguments and tactics. He'll want you to do your bit: expect to have to work hard with him to get your case 'right'. When your case is heard, Mark looks to understand the dynamics of the court. He will adapt plans as needed to maximise the chances of a favourable outcome. Mark will close out any unreasonable prosecution positions with a courteous logic, and always seek to incline those who are there to judge you to see you clearly and as positively as can be."

Anonymous - January 2020 - "Mark Kelly is a very experienced and knowledgeable defense barrister."

"Mark Kelly is a very experienced and knowledgeable defense barrister. He supported us as foster parents through a very difficult allegation and he made us feel valued. He was always meticulous with details and his preparation for the trial was outstanding. He is dedicated to get justice and he did that for us! We could not be more grateful!".

Anonymous - Police Misconduct, Not Proven - December 2019

"If you are reading this, then you may well be in the position I was in a little over four years ago. Your world turned upside down, your career and home on the line, concerned about the life you are going to be able to give your children and whether your relationships will survive. Now searching for someone you can entrust your entire world with - look no further. I believed I was obsessed with detail until I met Mark - he quite literally left no stone unturned in his defence. He is a born winner who outthinks, outworks, out strategises and outperforms everyone that stands in his way.

Every piece of advice he provided me proved to be spot on and he was able to bring the very best out of me when I was at my lowest mentally. If you are in the position where you're required to take the box and give evidence, you can do so in the knowledge the very best advocate is in your corner.

Parting ways with the QC I had initially instructed and having Mark represent me proved to be the single most important decision I may ever make. Four years later, I have been exonerated criminally and disciplinary proceedings have been dropped. I returned to work with my head held high and a future to plan again. My family and I can only hope this testimony can persuade you to make the same correct decision I made and we extend our eternal gratitude to him for all he has done. I consider myself a better person for some of the advice and wisdom he imparted on me and I am privileged to have met and worked alongside him."

Anonymous - Testimonial from an Osteopath Misconduct hearing - October 2019 - "A few words of gratitude"

"Now that I have had a successful outcome I can look back with admiration as to how Mark managed my case through to the conclusion. His understanding of the process was outstanding and it appeared that he was orchestrating the proceedings with just the right balance of skill, patience and realism.

There was a lot of down time and he managed to maintain my confidence that things were going well without being unrealistically optimistic. I am hugely grateful for the work Mark did for me. I am sure that he was the catalyst for our successful outcome."

Anonymous - Successful opposition to AG reference in serious sexual offence / indecent images case (click here for more information about this case) - August 2019 - "I'm very grateful for having you both as my legal team"

"I can't thank you and Mark enough for the hard work you both put in to ensure the best outcome. You were both very professional and I have to say you were very paitient with me. I'm very grateful for having you both as my legal team, for defending me throughout the case as well as the appeal against my sentence."

Anonymous - Fraud matter in excess of £1.7 million; judge directed acquittal after successful abuse of process argument - July 2019 - "Mark is very committed to his clients, he is genuinely interested in providing an exceptional service"

"The way the case flipped was amazing, unexpected to say the least. It was a complex matter and not straight forward. Mark’s approach to my case was very different to other barristers who I had earlier dealings with. Mark is very committed to his clients, he is genuinely interested in providing an exceptional service, in the best form for his client and he is very versatile in all this. His manner and dealings are very thorough. He gets the client involved with every aspect of the preparation for the case. He analyses and views everything with logic; an individual very keen on attention to details; this enables him to identify key things and areas that can be used as ammunition for the defence; he is very firm to that point and does not deliver anything less or more, extremely robust in his ways to being able to evaluate and analyse to determine what the strength and weakness of the evidence and case as whole. Thank You Mr Kelly, the last 3 years were an absolute nightmare, with life at a standing point, I can now move on and get back to living, and focus on the future."

Anonymous - July 2019 - "The overall service was excellent without reservations"

"The overall service was excellent without reservations. Mark is very professional, his knowledge and experience of the legal framework allowed for an unparalleled advise and focusing on what matter to achieve our required outcome. Having Mark as my counsel was the most important decision I had made that impacted my future, and it was certainly my best choice."

Anonymous - April 2019 - "thank you so much for your help and guidance"

"Just wanted to thank you so much for your help and guidance. Without you fighting for me today I really feel as though it would of gone differently. Thank you so much."

Anonymous - April 2019 - "Mark adopted a strategic and crucial approach to achieve the expected result"

"Highly experienced examining all the evidence and how he would run the defence in court. With the circumstances of my case he explained all scenarios in order for me to make decisions on how to proceed. At court the process ran as smooth as possible. During the proceedings Mark adopted a strategic and crucial approach to achieve the expected result.  I had confidence in Mark throughout - highly recommended."

Anonymous - Not guilty verdict - 2019 - "I will always remember you both with great affection, respect and gratitude"

"What I can I possibly say now in any sense of some adequate words to you two - Stuart and Mark

Mark, Stuart – it isn’t just me thanking you both from the bottom of my heart. It is every member of my lovely family

I have lived, breathed and worked with you two for ever it seems.

Suddenly you won’t be there. It already feels peculiar. I’ve just lost two of my best friends. You quite rightly may see all this as a working relationship and the job is done. Move on. That’s right.

For me though, it will always be more personal than that. It’s like we’ve been travelling the world together and now it’s time to say our goodbyes and get on our separate aeroplanes for home.

This will now stay with me for the rest of my life. But I will always remember you both with great affection, respect and gratitude.

Once again, simply thank you."

Anonymous - Alleged Sexual Offences case, not guilty verdict - March 2018 - "Mark’s masterful cross-examination was indisputably crucial in this outcome"

“From my first meeting with Mark, I knew he was the right man to represent me. He seemed to understand myself and my case at a deep level; it was a real human situation to him, not just a set of legal papers. I can say with confidence that, however tough the journey to acquittal has been, I have never regretted that decision.
During the period of trial preparation, Mark made himself as available as possible. He explained everything to me in great detail and considered the case from every conceivable angle. This process is difficult for you at times, as the client, because you don’t always want to consider painful hypotheticals, but it is invaluable. It means you arrive at trial having already thought through every detail of the case from every perspective, and you are ready to respond to anything which arises in the fluid trial process. It was always apparent to me, throughout these discussions, that Mark had spent a great deal of time ruminating on the matters himself. I feel he gave his all to my case. It showed when we came to trial. My impression was that he understood the reality of the case at a fundamentally deeper level than the Prosecuting barrister.
In presentation, Mark is humble, likeable and extremely credible. He is one of those people who you cannot ignore. His grasp of the law reflects his considerable experience. Various matters of law arose throughout the various hearings we attended, and many cases were raised. Mark seemed to know all of them already and to appreciate their significance and application. My lay observation was that it was his level of experience and ability to see how the law should apply which gave him an edge over his opponent.
In the end, working together with my solicitor, Mark secured a judgement of “no case to answer” resulting in an automatic “not guilty” verdict. Mark’s masterful cross-examination was indisputably crucial in this outcome. With a less thorough approach and a less sensitive and expert performance in court, the weaknesses in the Prosecution case may never have been illuminated.
I am deeply grateful for all he has done for me. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mark.”

Chambers & Partners 2018 - Rated as Band 2 - "He's analytical and indefatigable"

"Noted for his representation of accountants and other professionals in complex fraud cases. He is adept at handling cases concerning carousel fraud, MTIC fraud and banking fraud. 

Strengths: 'He's analytical and indefatigable.'

Mr P. Gloucestershire - Sexual abuse case with 9 complainants, not guilty verdicts on all counts - 2017 - "I would recommend his services without reservation"

"I was recommended and introduced to Mark through our solicitor Stuart Sutton. Throughout the traumatic two years dealing with the false allegations raised, Mark was a stabilising element. Thorough in his analysis of the situations to be handled, and reassuring in times of my concerns. I was included at all stages of preparation for the defence and involved in making decisions during the trial. Mark ensures that you are at the centre of preparation work and the pre-trial research. Mark says he needs clients to take on “ownership” of the case and to put in “work” on the case. I would recommend his services without reservation."

Anonymous - October 2017 Alleged historic sexual abusenot guilty verdict:   -" I believe Mr Mark Kelly to be a truly outstanding professional. I felt entirely safe in his hands at all times"

"Mark Kelly has an amazing ability to filter, absorb and retain important details from what becomes a vast array of often jumbled information which accrues as the case progresses. I often found myself trying to explain a specific detail only to realise later that he had already seen, understood and either filed it away or discarded it as being irrelevant to the case. Mark has an amazing analytical mind. He considers all possible scenarios before selecting the best course of action. He is able to do this whilst under pressure or even whilst discussing another unconnected topic.

Mr Kelly has a commanding presence. His confident, articulate and almost theatrical presentation style holds the attention of his audience. Mark’s closing speech was dramatic – in the true sense of the word. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the jury fully understood all the points that he made. He engaged with jury members and ensured they remained attentive & focused. At the end of his speech, he was clearly physically drained and the jury was visibly moved.

In summary, I believe Mr Mark Kelly to be a truly outstanding professional. I felt entirely safe in his hands at all times. The jury reached unanimous not-guilty verdicts on all three charges in less than 45 minutes. I would stress that this testimonial is not based on the outcome alone; I had already expressed my gratitude to Mr Kelly before the final trial day and would have said the same whatever the outcome."

Anonymous - Alleged sexual assault on a foster child by a foster parent, held at Blackfriars CC, September 2016, not guilty verdict - "he had such compassion he nailed it"

"My family and I would like to thank Stuart Sutton and Mark Kelly for acting on my behalf. It was a very daunting experience, something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Thank you for your patience, as I am not fluent in English I struggled to express/communicate the way I wanted to which was very frustrating for us. I want to thank Barrister Mark Kelly for his closing speech which was put forward as very thorough, he had such compassion he nailed it !! We would not hesitate to recommend you to others."

Anonymous - Historic sexual abuse case heard at Wood Green Court London, dating back to 1989, not guilty verdict - January 2017 - "Mark Kelly is an excellent ally in court and gets the job done"

"Mark Kelly is an excellent ally in court and gets the job done. He has a methodical approach and considers all details, with particular attention to the chronology of events, leaving no stone unturned. He commands a wide variety of defence strategies and has great tactical skills - he can analyze the case from both perspectives and this allows him to preempt the prosecution's attacks. I would certainly recommend him."

Anonymous - Sexual abuse case that resulted in not guilty verdicts on all counts, December 2016 - "Mr Kelly was an invaluable source of direction and consistency"


"Mr Kelly was an invaluable source of direction and consistency in a very unpleasant case for us. He was able to prepare thoroughly and through third-party disclosure, he unearthed the complainant's blatant fabrications which undermined the prosecution's position conclusively. I would highly recommend his services, especially in sensitive and emotional cases where you need articulate and decisive counsel."

Anonymous - 2016 - "We are eternally grateful"

"Mark came to the aid of my wife (a nurse) when she was made an interested party at an inquest into the death of a patient on her ward at a nursing home where she acted as senior nurse on her floor. He represented my wife at the inquest pro bono having assisted her in preparing for the hearing. It would have been impossible for us to have afforded representation for the hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing my wife was exonerated of any blame by the Coroner and she has been able to continue to progress her career. We are eternally grateful."

Chambers & Partners 2017 - Rated as Band 2 - "He worked incredibly hard and devised legal submissions which won the case"

"A good, analytical lawyer. He worked incredibly hard and devised legal submissions which won the case."

Chambers & Partners 2016 - Rated as Band 2 - "He is an excellent advocate and out-thinks his professional opponent."

"He thinks about the minutiae of the evidence and discusses every point with me and with the clients. He is an excellent advocate and out-thinks his professional opponent."

Chambers & Partners 2014 - Rated as Band 1 - "Instructing solicitors admire his approachability, responsiveness and grasp of detail."

"Has significant criminal fraud experience. Instructing solicitors admire his approachability, responsiveness and grasp of detail."

Chambers & Partners 2013 - Rated as Band 1 - "has a well-regarded criminal defence practice"

''Mark Kelly of No5 Chambers has a well-regarded criminal defence practice and is praised as an "excellent leading junior fraud counsel" by sources''

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"A good, analytical lawyer. He worked incredibly hard and devised legal submissions which won the case."

Chambers & Partners 2017 - Rated as Band 2

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