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Chambers & Partners 2018 - Rated as Band 2 

"Noted for his representation of accountants and other professionals in complex fraud cases. He is adept at handling cases concerning carousel fraud, MTIC fraud and banking fraud. 

Strengths: 'He's analytical and indefatigable.'"

Mr P. Gloucestershire - Sexual abuse case with 9 complainants, not guilty verdicts on all counts

"I was recommended and introduced to Mark through our solicitor Stuart Sutton, Special Casework Department at Tucker's Solicitors. Throughout the traumatic two years dealing with the false allegations raised, Mark was a stabilising element. Thorough in his analysis of the situations to be handled, and reassuring in times of my concerns. I was included at all stages of preparation for the defence and involved in making decisions during the trial. Mark ensures that you are at the centre of preparation work and the pre-trial research. Mark says he needs clients to take on “ownership” of the case and to put in “work” on the case. I would recommend his services without reservation."

Anonymous - Alleged historic sexual abuse, October 2017, not guilty verdict

"Mark Kelly has an amazing ability to filter, absorb and retain important details from what becomes a vast array of often jumbled information which accrues as the case progresses. I often found myself trying to explain a specific detail only to realise later that he had already seen, understood and either filed it away or discarded it as being irrelevant to the case. Mark has an amazing analytical mind. He considers all possible scenarios before selecting the best course of action. He is able to do this whilst under pressure or even whilst discussing another unconnected topic.

Mr Kelly has a commanding presence. His confident, articulate and almost theatrical presentation style holds the attention of his audience. Mark’s closing speech was dramatic – in the true sense of the word. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the jury fully understood all the points that he made. He engaged with jury members and ensured they remained attentive & focused. At the end of his speech he was clearly physically drained and the jury were visibly moved.

In summary, I believe Mr Mark Kelly to be a truly outstanding professional. I felt entirely safe in his hands at all times. The jury reached unanimous not-guilty verdicts on all three charges in less than 45 minutes. I would stress that this testimonial is not based on the outcome alone; I had already expressed my gratitude to Mr Kelly before the final trial day and would have said the same whatever the outcome."

Anonymous - Alleged sexual assault on a foster child by a foster parent, held at Blackfriars CC, September 2016, not guilty verdict

"My family and I would like to thank Stuart Sutton and Mark Kelly for acting on my behalf. It was a very daunting experience, something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Thank you for your patience, as I am not fluent in English I struggled to express/communicate the way I wanted to which was very frustrating for us. I want to thank Barrister Mark Kelly for his closing speech which was put forward as very thorough, he had such compassion he nailed it !! We would not hesitate to recommend you to others."

Anonymous - Historic sexual abuse case heard at Wood Green Court London, dating back to 1989, January 2017, not guilty verdict

"Mark Kelly is an excellent ally in court and gets the job done. He has a methodical approach and considers all details, with particular attention to the chronology of events, leaving no stone unturned. He commands a wide variety of defense strategies and has great tactical skills - he can analyze the case from both perspectives and this allows him to preempt the prosecution's attacks. I would certainly recommend him."

Anonymous - Sexual abuse case that resulted in not guilty verdicts on all counts, December 2016 

"Mr Kelly was an invaluable source of direction and consistency in a very unpleasant case for us. He was able to prepare thoroughly and through third party disclosure he unearthed the complainant's blatant fabrications which undermined the prosecution's position conclusively. I would highly recommend his services, especially in sensitive and emotional cases where you need articulate and decisive counsel."

Chambers & Partners 2017 - Rated as Band 2
"A good, analytical lawyer. He worked incredibly hard and devised legal submissions which won the case."

Chambers & Partners 2016 - Rated as Band 2
"He thinks about the minutiae of the evidence and discusses every point with me and with the clients. He is an excellent advocate and out-thinks his professional opponent."

Chambers & Partners 2014 - Rated as Band 1 
"Has significant criminal fraud experience. Instructing solicitors admire his approachability, responsiveness and grasp of detail."

Chambers & Partners 2013 - Rated as Band 1
''Mark Kelly of No5 Chambers has a well-regarded criminal defence practice and is praised as an "excellent leading junior fraud counsel" by sources''


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